What Is Corrupt Cup Contest?

Corrupt Cup Contest is a tongue-in-cheek management game, in which players must financially outbid and politically outmaneuver their opponents in order to win the rights to host the world’s premier international sports tournament.

By running PR campaigns, and investing in top-notch facilities, players must show the world why their country is the right location for the global tournament, all the while conspiring to sabotage their opponent’s bid by accusing other nations of dodgy dealings, bribing the tournament’s judging panel, and all the other greasy activities that rarely make their way into the papers.

Corrupt Cup Contest has been Greenlit and we look forward to posting more about the game soon!


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Please note that some of these images are a work in progress.

Gaining Favour!
Dodgey Dealings!
An Opportunity Arises!
The World Map
Starting A Round


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